Consign With Us And Make Money On Your Used Items:

We will do our best to accept as many of your items as we can.  Some of the things we consider when sorting clothing are:

1. Defects, (i.e., stains, tears, wear, pilling, wrinkling, alterations)

2. Season (newborn to size 10 only)

3. Recent styles for both children’s and maternity clothing (from the last 3 years)

4. We accept more popular brands like Gap, Gymboree, etc., than value brands like Bum, Teddy’s Choice, Joe, etc. Our customers prefer popular brands at resale prices.

Sometimes we don’t accept a perfectly good item because we already have too many in the store. You can drop off at any time that we’re open, you do not need an appointment.  If you’re a new consignor then we’ll have you complete a Consignment Contract outlining all the terms and conditions of consigning with us.  If you’re a consignor already then you can simply complete a Drop & Run Consignment Form and we will then sort through your items while you browse, if from Monday to Friday.  Drop offs on the weekend will be inventoried at the next available opportunity. Sorting toys is more time consuming (with recall checks). Your things will go out for sale quickly.  Many are priced immediately.

You receive 50% of the purchase price on all items. You can make a purchase from your consignment account anytime, or be paid by cash or cheque. We will provide cash payouts on balances of less than $50 and provide cheques for payouts over $50.  Two day notice is required to prepare payments via cheque.  You can monitor the balance within your consignment account online at  

We are seasonal.  We accept fall and winter items beginning in August and spring and summer articles beginning in February.


Download our | Consignment Contract | to prepare in advance or drop by our store.